Online Abuse Will Now Be Punished As Severely As Offline Hate Crimes

Pexels Trolls be wary as online abuse is now being taken as seriously as hate crimes that are committed offline. Due to the growing amount of hate crime on social media, the Crown Prosecution Service have updated their guidelines for prosecutors announcing plans for tougher sentences and more prosecutions. The strands of hate crime added into the updated regulations includes racist, religious, disability, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic abuse. Pexels In the wake of the EU referendum last year, hate crime shot up with CPS carrying out a record number of…

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Tragic Final Moment Before Girl Was Pushed Off Cliff By Ex Boyfriend

Clay County Jail Loren Bunner posted haunting last photographs of Jolee Callan on his Instagram account, moments before he shot her twice in the head and pushed her off a cliff. During his trial in July, Bunner changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and was sentenced to 52 years in jail. In tragic, final photographs, posted on August 30, 2015, the day of the murder, Jolee is seen looking over at a forest along the Pinhoti Trail of Cheaha State Park. Oh, @joleeisakitten…

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British Tourists Flying From Spain Get Huge Shock When They Look Out Of Plane Window

PA Passengers on a Jet2 flight heading to Birmingham from Malaga in Spain were terrified when they looked out of the window to see they were being shadowed by a military plane. Those on board Friday’s flight LS1204 said the aircraft was tracked by the French fighter jet for up to 15 minutes. Sarah Hatfield, from Quarry Bank near Dudley, was travelling with her husband Ian, and Daughter Emily when she noticed the unusual sight. 18 AUG: Jet2 B737-800 G-JZHT EXS12BA from Malaga to Birmingham intercepted by 2x French Air Force…

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Charles Manson Has Got A New Mugshot Following His Ill Health

Getty Charles Manson is currently serving multiple life sentences for his connection to a string of murders that took place in California in the late 60’s Manson and his cult – who became known as the Manson Family – were responsible for a total of nine horrific murders, including Sharon Tate – the girlfriend of Roman Polanski who was eight months pregnant with the director’s child. Following his arrest, Manson’s haunting mugshot became synonymous with the case. ABC Nearly 50 years on from his imprisonment, Manson’s appearance has changed dramatically….

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