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Tragic Final Moment Before Girl Was Pushed Off Cliff By Ex Boyfriend

Clay County Jail Loren Bunner posted haunting last photographs of Jolee Callan on his Instagram account, moments before he shot her twice in the head and pushed her off a cliff. During his trial in July, Bunner changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and was sentenced to 52 years in jail. In tragic, final photographs, posted on August 30, 2015, the day of the murder, Jolee is seen looking over at a forest along the Pinhoti Trail of Cheaha State Park. Oh, @joleeisakitten…

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Ant McPartlin Faces New Battle After Leaving Rehab

PA Ant McPartlin faces a new battle after returning home from a two-month stint in rehab for his addiction to prescription pain killers. It was widely reported Ant suffers from chronic pain which is caused by a problem with his right knee, and he became addicted to the painkillers he was taking to help. Now, out of rehab and hopefully going in the right direction, Ant is reportedly confronting his next battle – saving his marriage. PA According to The Sun, Ant and his wife, Lisa, have been trying to…

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Guy On Naked Dating Show Gets Erection After Hugging Date

The Kyle And Jackie O Show/KIIS FM Of all the awkward things to happen on a first date, this would definitely be up there. When appearing on Australia’s KIIS FM’s The Kyle And Jackie O Show, model Sheera had to choose between two guys to go on a date with, Adam and Mark. But this is not the innocent Blind Date flirt fest of yesteryear, and there was a lot of full frontal nudity going on. Before she could pick her date, Sheera wanted to see both her potential suitors…

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Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet Private Pics Spark Rumours They’re Finally Together

Paramount They broke hearts when they starred together in Titanic all those years ago and they’ve remained friends ever since, but recent paparazzi pics of Leo and Kate have sent the internet into overdrive. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were recently holidaying in St Tropez, but photos have only just started circulating – 20 years after they played lovers, Jack and Rose, in the film. The pair had their arms around each other in the photos sparking a huge amount of interest among fans. All the romantics out there holding…

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You Can Actually Date Jennifer Lawrence

Getty I don’t know many people that would turn down a date with Jennifer Lawrence, but how impossible would getting a date with the Hollywood actress be? Well, if you like wine and talking the occasional politics, drinking more wine, calling your ex (watch the video, it’ll make sense), you could well be in with a chance. She’s teamed up with online fundraising platform Omaze to give one lucky fan, plus-one included, the chance to fly to California to do a spot of wine tasting and lawn games. How very. Not only…

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