Anthony Joshua Wants MMA Fight On One Condition

Getty WBA and IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua said he’d be up for an MMA fight – but there’d have to be one condition. His comments come as UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor prepares to fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday. Speaking to BBC Sport, AJ said he’d ‘do whatever’ on the condition there was a no submissions rule. He told BBC Sport: I like fighting, I’d do whatever. I’d probably get beaten. The only thing that they can’t do is submissions but they can kick,…

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Floyd Mayweather ‘Calls Justin Bieber A Traitor’ After Instagram Insult

Getty If you thought the beef between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was bad, it’s got nothing on the brewing feud between Money and Justin Bieber. The two have been friends since their investment in social media app Shots, but it seems there might be trouble in paradise. That’s because Bieber has unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram, which caused an outburst from Mayweather. According to TMZ, when Money found out about the diss, he went ‘insane’, even calling him a traitor. This is because Floyd was still a supporter of Bieber…

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Guy Falls 15,000 Feet To The Ground After His Parachute Failed

@bradjguy / Instagram Some people have a fear of heights, a fear of death, others a fear of falling, but for this man, they all became reality at once and he’s lucky to be alive today. Brad Guy brought along his whole family to watch him as he set out for a skydive on August 31, 2013. As Brad was about to jump, the instructor asked: ‘Any last words?’. ‘Yeah,’ Brad said, ‘I hope my parachute opens’. But it didn’t. Brad, and his instructor, Bill, free-fell at 80 kilometres per…

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Conor McGregor Deducted Points In Sparring

Conor McGregor’s top sparring partner has warned that the Irish fighter could get disqualified against Floyd Mayweather next Saturday. Anyone who is anyone has seen a clip of McGregor sparring, and usually for all the wrong reasons. To experts, the guy can’t swing or defend for shit, nor can he, according to Paulie Malignaggi, avoid committing fouls. The former WBA welterweight champion was recently pictured lying on the mat as McGregor stood over him in victory. Following much demand for either of the two to show the footage, McGregor posted…

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